Monday, January 23, 2012

No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap.

There we were, 4 p.m. and into our after school ritual. Leah had finished her homework and was in the middle of practicing her violin when a sudden meltdown crept up on us. She was having difficulty with one song and I guess it was enough to break the dam because the tears started falling.

Her frustration grew and she claimed that she never would practice again. She was ready for a play date but I told her that she knew the rules: homework has to be done and violin practiced. Oh Nelly! She did not want to hear that and she proceeded to fall to the floor and cry louder and louder.

Now, I learned long ago that raising my voice does nothing but cause her to get more upset so I kept a calm tone and explained that it was her choice if she had a play date. She knew the rules and time was ticking by. I picked up the broom and started sweeping the kitchen floor. Maybe it was the rhythmic sweeping of the broom or the cracking fire in the fireplace but Leah got quiet. And stayed quiet, which is odd. I peeked over at her in the family room and this is what I saw.......

The child had fallen asleep with her legs propped up and her arms out to the side! I could not believe it! She never naps during the day! I was so amazed I called my friend up the street and she could not believe it either.

Now, here is where my Mom alarm goes off. Was she getting sick? Did she faint from her frustration? Or could it be that she was so exhausted from her day that she just needed a cat nap? Turns out she was tired and all that crying had worn her out to the point that she literally passed out.

She did not sleep very long but it was all her body needed to push through the rest of the day. She swears up and down that she did not fall asleep but I got proof. She giggled when I showed her the picture!

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