Sunday, November 3, 2013

Juice Detox

I like to detox from time to time when I start feeling sluggish. (or if I've had too much Halloween candy) We bought a juicer this past summer and I really like using it. You can also buy smoothie machines but I am not sure I want to choke down a thick, veggie smoothie yet.

Here is my favorite combination:

 photo IMG_20131103_093106321_zps8a4d7549.jpg

A big plate of Kale.....

 photo IMG_20131103_093120837_HDR_zps11d2012c.jpg apple, celery (about 4 stalks), 1 beet and baby carrots. I had barely any carrots left but I typically juice a big handful of these.

 photo IMG_20131103_093114811_HDR_zps1990002d.jpg

You put these in the juicer. The apples and celery produce the most juice so put those in with kale and beets.

 photo IMG_20131103_093251417_HDR_zpsd5f18ff4.jpg

 photo IMG_20131103_093353630_HDR_zps140e994e.jpg
You now have a nutrient packed juice that will help flush your body. I also make sure to drink lots and lots of water. Sometimes I do this once a day and other times I will do this for breakfast and lunch.

 photo IMG_20131103_093644023_HDR_zps066d9557.jpg