Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Growing and building my coupon binder

Oh, the power of organization and couponing. With my new system I can already see the benefits and the savings. I love just writing the date, hole punching the coupon flyer and putting them into my binder. When I jump on CouponMom, I can put together a list of the items I want to buy and easily find the flyer by date and clip the coupons. So far this system is working for me.

Another great way to find coupons is online. I have found lots of great coupons that I can just print here at home. The problem was that they were all over the place and I needed to get them organized.

It is well known in the coupon world that baseball card holders are great for coupons. So I went to Walmart today to seek them out. I was pleasantly surprised to see this gem in the baseball card section.


How fab is that? Yes, there were plain baseball card holders I could have bought for a few bucks cheaper but this packet has FOUR different sizes for coupons. Not all coupons are created equal in size and this was perfect!

Let me show you:

Almost all the coupons I print online are long....


And look how neatly they go into the coupon holder.



And then there is this size....


and this size....


There is another smaller size that holds coupons that are about baseball card size. I did not need to use that one yet.

So, see why I bought this packet instead?

I am putting these in the front of my binder so I can scan these first.


There are lots of couponers who cut out the coupons and organize them into categories using these inserts. The upside to that is that you do not need a huge binder and you can carry it with you to the store. This might be something I do in the future but the downside is that when I go to Couponmom and find all the deals with the corresponding coupon, they will not be organized by date and flyer. I would be flipping from category to category hunting down that particular coupon.

Each method has it's pros and cons.