Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Here's Charlie!

I love, love, love Christmas time and having a little one helps to make this time magical again just like when I was a kid! Like many families we have a very special elf sent from Santa to keep tabs on Leah during the month. This tradition is just as fun for me as it is her!

Meet Charlie:

He's been finding places to hang out all over the house. So far he has been a good elf but I have a feeling he is going to get more creative (aka messy).

So far he has been spotted in these places:

Above the kitchen window.

In Leah's room on her decorations.

For some reason I could not get this picture to rotate! Frustrating but just cock
your head to the side and the problem is solved.

He TP'd her bathroom and left her a new shirt to wear to school.

Chillin' on the wreath.

He made himself a swing out of a candy cane and was swinging in the kitchen.

Charming Barbie with his mad driving skills.

Riding an American Girl pet in the China cabinet.

He had a craving for Nilla Wafers. 

Fun, fun, fun! I love this tradition!

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