Monday, February 13, 2012

A Valentine's Day Window Box Bouquet

Oh, Valentine's Day - a day of sharing your love and affection to those close to you, flowers, candy......... and classroom Valentine's for your child(ren). This year I had a nifty idea that was a lot of fun for me and Leah to put together. Ok, ok so it was mostly me but it was such a cute idea! You'll see......

I found the templates for the flower and leaf at Skip to my Lou. I took colored card stock, printed the templates and cut them out. Make a tiny hold in the center of the flower and push the lollipop through.

I bought Valentine Blow Pops for this project.

I taped the leaf around the stem and there you have it folks. Seriously, easy.

Earlier in the day I bought an 18 inch Coco lined window box and a 16x5 styrofoam piece. The styrofoam fit perfectly in the window box.

I stuck the 'stem' into the styrofoam. Then I did it with 19 more 'flowers'.

And here is the finished product! Is it just the cutest?!

Once again I have fullfilled my motherly duty by provided Valentine's for my daughter's class. Woot!

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