Monday, February 6, 2012

Coupons: My first "big" savings weekend

Earlier in the blog I posted how I was going to do the coupon thing again and I am happy to report that I am seeing results. Woot! I have been collecting coupon flyer's from the Sunday paper (I am buying 2 papers) and we get coupons in our free Thursday paper that gets tossed in the driveway. In other words, I have a lot of coupon flyer's.

This week I shopped at Publix. Every week they have lots of BOGO free items and this time they had some good ones. I circled all the items I wanted and jumped on Couponmom to search the database of all the Publix deals and the coupons that correspond. Again, this site is a huge time saver.

I also had some target coupons that I printed because my friend, Jennifer, told me that they accept competitors coupons and I was able to stack those with coupons I had. I got those items for just pennies!

**In total, I had $42.44 in coupons (Publix automatically doubles coupons up to $.50) and if I did not have a coupon for an item it was BOGO so it was half price. They also had good sales on several items I frequently buy (and I had coupons for them) so my 'special price savings' came up to $55.86.

In all I saved $98.30! I was able to get almost every item on my list at Publix and I got a deal on each item!

Presto, indeed!

Also, if you spent $100 they gave you a $10 Publix gift card so I have that to put towards next weeks list.

Every item I bought was an item we use. I did not buy any items that we would not use just because I was going to get it for dirt cheap. I don't have the storage room for that....yet. LOL!

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