Monday, October 28, 2013

Kids Halloween Party

This past Saturday I hosted a Halloween party for L and her friends. It was a lot of fun and I managed to pull it all together in a few days.

The party was from 1:30 - 4pm so I had some finger foods and cupcakes ready. I spent about an hour one afternoon printing out the food labels. I searched online for "old looking paper" and found a picture I liked. I copied it onto Word, sized it, copied it several times until I had about 6, and inserted text boxes to create the labels. I added a small picture with each one also. I printed these off and laminated them (so I can use them next year).

 photo f0b01dd3-471a-418c-96a1-e24363de36cc_zps7ff5fe80.jpg
 photo P1010160_zps4d39bb8a.jpg
 photo P1010161_zps763fc7f7.jpg
I used a cookie cutter to make the cheese ghosts.
 photo P1010162_zps6dbcfe49.jpg
 I used whole black olives and cheese cubes for the skewers. I meant to use mozzarella but only had cheddar on hand.
 photo P1010163_zps596bec83.jpg
I used Rice Krispy treats cut into various shapes for the zombie brains.
 photo P1010169_zpse8fe9ed2.jpg
I used a cookie cutter to makes ham/cheese and turkey/cheese sandwiches into coffins.

I had a Candy Guessing Game for the kids to do. I had three jars of candy and they had to write down their guess of how many were in there. This was a big hit! Next year I will have more jars.

 photo da7b614a-876b-43b8-95bb-ce6d21bdfdd8_zpsdf843029.jpg
The weather was perfect so we spent most of the time outside. The kids jumped on our trampoline, laid in the hammock and enjoyed a game of Mummy Wrap. Each time had to use 3 entire rolls of toilet paper to roll up their friend. The winning team won small prizes.
 photo P1010191_zps4a311465.jpg
I had a craft table set up inside for Halloween necklace and bracelet making. Outside I had a pumpkin decorating station. On the table was glue, googly eyes, glitter and markers.
 photo P1010230_zpse33aa0cf.jpg

I am glad I did not have things planned back to back because the kids spent a lot of time just playing outside and having fun in each others company. It was a very simple party but it was a lot of fun!

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