Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First day of school/Room Mom again

I knew that I would end up signing up to be room mom. There was no way I could pass by that piece of paper and not put my name on it which means this will be another busy but fun year.

My daughter is in the second grade this year. She is so excited and I am so nervous! What is homework going to be like this year? Are her new classmates nice or is there a mean one in there? (long story from last year which I'm sure I'll get around the telling) What is her teacher going to be like in the classroom?

You get the idea. Leah's worries consist of what cool outfit will she wear each morning and what I am making for breakfast. At least one of us is calm and collected.

First day pictures!

Me and my sweet girl.

I think she is excited. What do you think?

I will end this post with one of Leah's great one liners: "Mom, I may not wave at you from the bus because I need a break from you." LOL!

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